Saturday, 29 March 2008

Redneck Pick-up Winder v.1.0

This is my first attempt at making a pick-up coil winder, version 1.0. I only need to make a few pick-ups so a hand-driven winder is ok.
I used an old Fishing Reel, with all the locking mechanisms removed, on which i mounted a bracket to support the stripped pick-up.
The coil of wire hangs on a paintroller holder. The Wire is fed through a board and some plastic beads that helps me aligning it with the winder.
The Fishing Reel is mounted on plastic strips. I can slide it back and forth to make an even spread of wire on the pick-up.

On the picture below, I made 1500 turns (I need to make about 7000)

I made some calculations, before I started wiring:
Thread thickness: 0.0508 mm (47 SWG eq 44 AWG)
Surface in mm2: r*r*pi
One wind is 120 mm of wire
Calculation of wire resistance: RL = e x L/q q = (e x L)/RL e = (q x R)/L L = (q x R)/e
7000 windings should equal a resistance of 5,9 kOhm


Sound of said...

Er dette blasfemi eller er det godt tænkt!!!
GO Fishing

Niels Kaagaard said...

Rolig nu. Jeg har gemt alle stumperne til hjulet :-) Det kan samles i løbet af 5-6 timer hvis der skulle komme en fisk forbi.

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